What is it used for?

It can be used for a number of conditions:

  • anti-ageing treatments – to soften lines and wrinkles

  • brow and jowl lifting

  • treatment of a high smile line ‘gummy smile’

  • reduction of excess sweating (hyperhydrosis)

  • reduction of teeth clenching and grinding

  • slimming the lower face

  • with dermal fillers for a non-surgical face lift

The treatment consists of a small number of tiny injections, given with a minimum of discomfort, which causes relaxation of the targeted muscles. There may be a small amount of swelling and redness afterwards but this generally settles very quickly.


Treatment Prices

Anti-wrinkle injections
Consultation - Free
One area £179
Two areas £279
Three areas £319
Jowl lift/neck lift From £299
Gummy smile £199
Other areas (eg.  Chin, bunny lines) From £99
Facial muscles (pain/clenching/grinding/TMJ) From £369
Armpits (axillae) for excess sweating £499


I don’t want a frozen face!

Anti Ageing injectables has had a bad reputation in the past for producing the ‘frozen face’ look. Our resident specialist Dr Rebecca Hierons, is very keen to avoid this unnatural look and does so by not over-treating and so maintaining some natural looking movement whilst softening lines. It should not be obvious to people that you have had treatment – only that you look rested and fresh.

Treatment of excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) with injectables

This can be a difficult problem for men and women and the most common area treated is the armpit (axillary) area. Treatment consists of injections to dampen down the sweat glands and stop them from over functioning. This can be a particular problem after laser hair removal and this treatment is extremely effective for 4 – 6 months. Sweat elsewhere in untreated areas continues to be produced as normal.