The Laserase Promise

1 million treatments, successfully performed on over 100,000 patients, is your best guarantee of an effective tattoo removal with minimum risk of scarring, damage and complications. We have the process down to a fine art and it is based on years of best practice and a wealth of shared practice within our group of 7 clinics.

However, to put your mind totally at rest we make you The Laserase Promise. This clearly sets out everything that we do to ensure all risks are minimised, that the highest standards are maintained at all times and that you get the best possible advice, treatment and care at every stage of your treatment, from initial consultation to final completion.

Laserase can deliver the best results and the best value for money without the risk; why go anywhere else?


Laserase has been carrying out tattoo removal for over 27 years

We use high-end Q-switched lasers proven to be the safest and most effective for tattoo removal

Our clinics are registered, regulated and audited by the Care Quality Commission

Care & Hygiene
We maintain the highest standards to minimise the risk of complications


How do you know you are in safe hands?

Laserase Newcastle has been Registered for the use of lasers and light since 1991.

Even with recent deregulation of lasers and light, the key to finding a safe place for treatment is still to find a Care Quality Commission Registered Clinic.

The Care Quality Commission is the Government Regulator for NHS and Private facilities offering medical procedures. The Care Quality Commission governs and inspects Registered facilities. Not all facilities are legally registered – to find out more, go to

You can read our latest CQC report – click here to download pdf


Do’s and don’ts

The only significant DO is to opt for an organisation or clinic that provides medical laser treatments who are registered and inspected by Care Quality Commission, thus ensuring that a high level of caring standard is being offered.

There are, however, many DON’TS when considering laser treatment, and the Laserase network have probably seen them all! Please always ensure that the Clinic you are dealing with is fully registered and that the person treating is EXPERIENCED in the treatment they are performing.


Will Laserase Newcastle be more expensive
than a cheaper provider?

Not necessarily – the cheap providers will be trying to piggy-back on the service that we provide and the reputation that we have built and will use our price structure on which to base their own, so costs may well be much the same.

So, do you want to pay your money and get access to a Registered clinic with over 27 years of experience – or pay the same and find an unskilled operator and a £1000 laser in a tattoo shop.

Currently a lot of our clients are being referred to us by tattooists when problems have arisen and colours cannot be removed by their “table top lasers”.

The choice is yours, but when it comes to your own skin, we would advise seeking out the best, not the cheapest.