Wart and Verruca Treatment Newcastle

Warts and Verrucas are small rough growths usually found on the hands and feet. They are caused by a virus and are easily spread from person to person usually by physical contact or a contaminated surface i.e. shower floor.

Warts and verrucas don’t always need clinical treatment. Sometimes painting on a medicated liquid every day works, and sometimes they’ll just disappear by themselves. But either method can take a really long time – if it works at all – and in the meantime, the virus can spread and cause new problems.

If you’d rather not wait and hope, we can quickly and successfully treat both warts and verrucas in our clinic. We can’t guarantee you’ll never get any more, but we can definitely target the ones you have.

Wart and Verruca FAQs 

+ Why choose us?

We’ve been treating patients with lasers for twenty three years. It’s well-documented that after treatment, warts and verrucas that weren’t lasered disappear alongside ones that were. That’s because the laser breaks down the virus, dispersing fragments into the bloodstream, where the immune system ‘notices’ them and attacks the virus throughout the body. It’s another bonus of laser treatment over topical solutions, or the wait-and-see approach.

+ What does treatment involve?

It depends on the exact type of lesion and how well-established it is. Some warts and verrucas will disappear completely a few weeks after treatment, while larger or older ones may take more sessions to remove. It is unusual for us not to be able to remove the lesion completely. We use a pulsed-dye laser to target and destroy the wart/verruca. This cuts off the blood supply to the area without destroying the surrounding healthy skin.

+ Consultation

We can tell you more about the kind of treatment that will work best for your warts or verrucas and how long it might take at your consultation. To arrange your consultation with no obligation, please contact us direct on 0191 2130666.