Dermal filler injections are a great way to plump your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill deep lines. At Laserase, we offer a variety of dermal filler types and can create a bespoke treatment package to help you get the look you want. This will consist of a detailed consultation with our resident expert Dr Rebecca Hierons about your specific areas of concern followed by a thorough clinical examination. Rebecca can then suggest the best treatment to address your concerns.

Our Treatments

If you are looking to address any of the following concerns then dermal fillers will be the right treatment for you

  • to soften lines and wrinkles for an ‘anti-ageing’ effect

  • for jowl lifts and brow lifts

  • improve cheek volume

  • improve downturned mouth corners

  • for hand, neck and décolletage rejuvenation

  • for lip enhancement and revitalization

  • to treat excess sweating (hyperhidrosis)

  • to treat ‘gummy smiles’

  • for non-surgical face lift treatments

  • to help with teeth clenching and grinding

 Dr Rebecca Hierons is an expert at achieving gentle, natural looking results, helping you age the way you want to.

Treatment Prices

Dermal Fillers
Consultation - Free
Lip sculpting/enhancement £399
Naso-labial lines (nose to mouth) From £369
Marionette lines From £369
Cheeks From £569
Tear troughs From £369
Other areas From £369
Full face treatment From £1500