Electrolysis Hair Removal

In the hands of our Sterex trained electrologist it is a perfectly safe and a highly effective treatment. It is suitable for ALL hair types and colours and ALL skin types. Our electrologist is trained and certified by STEREX the world leader in electrolysis. 

Electrolysis hair removal treatments are time consuming, so this treatment is best suited for unwanted blonde, grey and white hairs that cannot be treated by laser. Due to the fact that electrolysis treats each hair individually, it most commonly used on small areas like the face, larger areas such as legs, bikini line are better suited to laser hair removal.

We also offer an advanced form of electrolysis for the treatment of:

  • Milia

  • Skin tags

  • Blood spots

  • Campbell de Morgan spots

We offer free consultations for all of our treatments.


Treatment Prices

Electrolysis by a Sterex Advanced Electrologist
Consultation - Free
Test patch £15
10 minutes £15
20 minutes £22.50
30 minutes £30
60 minutes £52

Discounted Packages of 10 & 20 treatments also available.
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Electrolysis FAQs

+ What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is performed by inserting a probe into the hair follicle. The electrolysis machine then sends a tiny amount of electrical current which through a combination of heat and chemical reaction, destroys the follicle and prevents regrowth.

+ What electrolysis machines do we use?

We use the Sterex SX-B Blend Epilator, the top of the range 3 in 1 epilator. Using the latest technology this machine can be used as a diathermy, Galvanic or Blend epilator making it suitable for all different hair types.

+ How many treatments are needed?

There is no way of telling how many sessions you will need. Some people may need only a short treatment every 6 – 8 weeks while others may need one on a weekly basis initially. During your free consultation your practitioner will give you a more accurate assessment of how many treatments and the costs involved.

+ What areas can electrolysis remove hair from?

Any area with the exception of very sensitive areas such as the eyelids. Due to the fact that electrolysis treats each hair individually, it is more commonly used for small areas like the face – larger areas are usually better suited to laser hair removal.

+ Is treatment painful?

Electrolysis is generally mildly uncomfortable rather than painful. There may be more discomfort in sensitive areas like just under the nose on the top lip but we are very careful to be as gentle as possible and work with you to give you the most comfortable treatment possible.

+ What will it feel like after treatment?

Following the treatment, you will experience a feeling of warmth in the area for a short time along with some redness. The time it takes for the redness to go is depending on your skin’s sensitivity and generally lasts anything from 10 minutes to a day. We apply a special soothing cream after treatment which can also be purchased for home use.